Not All [Sales] Men Are Created Equal.

Nobody likes a salesman, am I right? Lying and manipulating to make any sale. Ugh. Gross! Well, it’s also untrue. More factually, no one likes a slimy salesman. And where you find slimy salesmen, you’ll find slimy sales tactics.

Fortunately for today’s buyers en masse, the majority of those slimy types have moved on to the great used car lot in the sky, and have left behind a legacy of crisp, well researched, targeted marketing strategies. You know, the kind where if you don’t like it you can change the channel/page/station. All Hail The Digital Age!

Truth notwithstanding that these cleverly constructed adlets are created by a tangential breed of the salesmen of yore, they are at least far less likely to slink around in a golf cart ten paces behind you while you kick tires.

And with this newly evolved way of, we will say gently, assertively educating the general public about their products and services, comes a far deeper and far more fascinating sales and marketing algorithm. 

Technology in 2020 & how to bring them in the door.

Marketing is a fascinating subject.  There is actually quite a bit of science that goes in to it. In fact, it’s so complex at times that we aren’t even going to attempt to dissolve it in today’s article. We’d rather introduce you to another term you have heard relentlessly used by all tech channels as we progress further to autonomy- UI/UX.

UI/UX stands for user interface/ user experience. And they are far from being a recent concept. They’ve been around for a long, long time tucked in the dark alleys of the IoT, just gently crafting virtual sandcastles in the beach sand while you surf. They have become more of a household word now for many reasons, but in our opinion, primarily due to the large demand for talent in this field. And it’s booming if you’re interested.

To be less vague, UI/UX can easily be explained taking the hypothetical example of a having a new home [the app/game/device] built for you. The engineers are going to first draw some loose chicken scratch representations [wireframes] of all the crazy things you want your new house to look like. While this is happening, your design research teams are going to do some extensive investigations on to the types of guests you’ll have and what your family is all about [market research.] Combined, those two major components then become a prototype [loose: blueprint].

And then the building! Architects will come in and mesmerize us with their talents as they build out your paper doll house into a real one [development]. With us so far?

But wait – there’s more!

 Now the fun begins. The house is built and it is time to design and decorate it. This is the main course of today’s topic.

Enter Ms. User Interface.

She’s the development team’s receptionist, if you will. She is the pretty face covering all those graphite and coffee stained developers, so you don’t have to see them. The images, background, colors and buttons that structurally form the forward facing application itself. It is made up of everything you can see and everything you can click on that needs to interact with the ECU [engine control unit or electronic control unit) governing it. She’s the decorator that helps you choose the perfect paint, where to put the cords behind the electronics so you don’t trip, and guides you to the restroom, the patio, or will draw you a map if you prefer. She’s the cushiony carpets and the never lost TV remote all at the same time.

Mr. User Experience isn’t far behind…

… but he does carry the largest weight load. He’s tasked with a 360 ° fully immersive experience for every single person who walks through that front door. There’s got to be somewhere for everyone to sit, so to speak. Think of UX like the furniture and comfort items in your new dream home, perfectly placed so as to never leave you without a chair, in a foul smelling room, or with a need for a coat – or a coat closet. And those details, coupled with the easy to traverse UI system, are what make you want to move in today and stay forever. You UI (User Interface) is simply the whole context of an application or a phone, or in your car – your Android/Apple integrated into your stereo system.

Tell Me, Mr. Anderson, How Can I Earn Your Business Today?

Heard that one before? How about “Let me have you initial right up here in the corner. That’s to say that if I can meet your desired monthly payment, that you will commit to taking delivery of this [hunk of…] today? …. Great, now let me go see if I can talk him down. Our Finance Manager is pretty tough, so I’ll do my best, but I think we’ve got a pretty easy one here.” Yeah? We definitely have,

Or let’s flip it around. Show of hands – anyone out there ever SELL cars before? “Hello, Mr. Anderson… yes, hi, this is Zane from the Skippy Auto Mart. You were in 76 months ago looking at a car? … Yes, I know I have called every week for a year and a half sir, but why I’m call… hello?” Or worse? “Hi, my name is Timothy, and I represent the…ma’am?”

What if, just maybe, no one must do that anymore? Either end of it? This whole UI/UX creature is massive, and we for one think we “haven’t seen anything yet.” We’re imagining that the 50 plus ECU’s that a majority of automotive systems already deploy, that control an equal number of sub systems, whom all have individual interfaces to control will someday – BAM- join forces like the drug-through-the-mud team composition at the end of any superhero flick, and seamlessly control it all as if they were one. We imagine one screen, one brand, one touch intuitive and efficient HUD’s where you and your Mustang will dominate the road together, playing off each other’s moves as if your brains were connected right at the stem. Who knows? Maybe they will be.

Where we come in.

All we know is that we here at AutoSoft Systems will be there to help you learn it, master it, and maintain it. Oh, and we also have a good inkling that whichever brand that is – the first companies to present and perfect this skillset – may never have to make a cold call sale again. Long gone are the days of license plate frames and bumper stickers.

This is the new age. Let us custom brand your mobile head units/apps with a custom UI/UX display recognizing your company or brand and you have free advertising every time someone rides in a car.

This is more likely to draw heads and have that “cool” factor. If they can get a car like this from (said dealership), I can too. Its totally awesome the way the head unit works seamlessly with the app, etc. So, give us a call or shoot us an email. Let us introduce you to the new age of modern marketing.