Autosoft Systems Services

Application Customization, Maintenance and Repair Services for Infotainment Systems

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Branding and Custom Interfaces

Custom designed graphics, icons, colors and dealer branding applied to head unit 

Graphical user interface (GUI)

Custom tones and sounds notifications 

Dealer communications and service bulletins 

Back Office integration with Dealership systems

Apple Car Play setup and integration 

System Repair or Replacement

Infotainment Repair or Replacement

Troubleshooting head unit problems

Software diagnosis and updates/upgrades

Repair or Replacement of defective Infotainment systems


Head Unit Custom setups

Custom Setups

3rd party application installation (i.e. Amazon Music)

Preferred application startup

Disabling “Nag” screens

Custom display graphics

Custom Applications Development (1)

Custom Applications Development

3rd party custom application development and testing

Proof of concept applications

Security Setups (1)

Security Setups

Cybersecurity analysis and security software installation


Autosoft Systems provides several custom solutions including:

Branding the head unit to represent the dealership that sold the car through logo placement

Disabling the so-called “Nag Screens”.  Those irritating pop ups that customers most frequently complain about. The user interface is simple, user friendly and customizable

Telematics technologies for businesses with fleet vehicles that manages technology services and software maintenance

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Programmers Making Cars Come to Life