Automobile innovation is converging with personal computer technology and over the next few years the way we drive and interact with our vehicles will be drastically different.

New developments in mobile technologies, Artificial Intelligence, advancements in GPS navigation, interconnected wireless eco systems and a tech savvy generation will create new technologies and services throughout the automotive industry that will revolutionize how we operate and interact with vehicles

BUT FIRST – Let me emphatically state I also see this coming wave producing devastating consequences unless we build these new technologies with an eye on the first rule – Safety First. Systems need to failover seamlessly to secondary backup system with zero interaction from the driver. Bluetooth earpiece phone disconnects need to automatically failover to the car speaker of or phone speaker systems without any input from the driver. As now it stands many “software errors” require user input while driving down the road. This is unsafe, unwise and impractical.

Recent customer satisfaction reports show that 20% of customer complaints are technical issues and software defects/recalls. 2018 is the most recent year from Stout Automotive Defect and Recall Report released in 2019 showing a record number of software based recalls in more than 8 million higher than the previous 5 years combined. The automotive industry is going to have to do much better than this and will need to turn to the Software companies for a more stable platform.

PC tech is coming to the car and overall this will be a good thing but the learning curve from the automotive industry will be a painful experience for the consumer over the next few years.